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iDance Vancouver is committed to providing a healthy, motivational and positive environment for all ages by offering a wide variety of drop-in, progressive and yearly classes involving dance. Our goal is to break down elitist barriers surrounding dance and create a fun and friendly dance space that is completely inclusive. 

We want to assist people of all ages in reaching their personal goals by guiding, enlightening and motivating you at iDance Vancouver. 


iDance Vancouver is a successful drop-in dance studio located in the heart of Mount Pleasant and has been operating since December 2014. iDance is a drop-in dance studio for the dancer in all of us. We currently offer open-level dance classes for adults - from Ballet to Hip Hop and Bollywood to Zumba. 


iDance has become successful by positively utilizing the drop-in aspect of the studio. We host regular classes seven days a week in all disciplines, including hip-hop, contemporary and modern styles which are open to everyone. These classes are taught by well-educated local and world-class instructors. By having the option to take classes to supplement or broaden pre-existing abilities, drop-in classes open the door for performers, choreographers, instructors, and anyone else who wants to enhance their knowledge and physical fitness through dance.

iDance Vancouver is proudly expanding across Vancouver!

Each location offers an array of dance classes, however, you will certainly

find differences amongst each studio.

Our Mission

iDance is an open level, a drop-in dance studio that caters to all those who simply love to dance. We provide a safe, encouraging space where people get to really become the best versions of themselves. We are very proud of our community for being welcoming, accepting, and supportive. Our staff is committed to creating happiness, educating, and supporting your dance journey. The mission is simple, dancing is for everyone. No matter who you are in the world, iDance is here to guide and support you through your dance journey, you will not be just another dancer. You will become a part of our amazing family, and we will have your back no matter what. That is our promise to you. We are here to make dance accessible for you and to you. This is our sole purpose.

iDance Fundamental Values

We have grown into an amazing culture and community of instructors and dancers, based on these founding values. We hold these statements near and dear to us - as we navigate through our daily lives, we practice and instill...


  • Community First. We are always here for you. We know you by name, we know your dog's name and we support you. We work at building and maintaining a strong, lively, and passionate community with our friends, neighbors, and family. Yes, you are family. 

  • Create Happiness. Dancing is happiness.  You would not be here if you didn’t believe that. We are always passionate to share our love of dance, and anything else that drives us. That smile on your face, radiates with positive vibes and good times! It's contagious. So, keep smiling! 

  • Be More. Be the change you seek. We truly and deeply believe that in order to achieve more you should become more. Become that person who looks after themselves, continues to work on self-growth, practices kindness, and humility daily. Be more for you, so you can achieve more for the world.

  • Build with Heart. Every day we think about the mission of iDance, this is simply not just a job or a place to dance. We care deeply about ensuring that every action taken is connected by purpose and integrity. Nurturing the emotional dimensions of all of our relationships, building something spectacular. 

  • Move with Momentum. We move with intent and purpose, focusing on that goal we have set. We move towards the goal with consistent energy and focus, climbing over any obstacle that lies in our way with confidence and clarity.

  • Default to Transparency. We encourage and accept vulnerability, we want to create a trusting relationship that will last. We have no hidden agendas or backpocket secrets. We keep ourselves honest, accountable and demonstrate openness.


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