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Plus Size Dance Party

Are you thicker than a snicker? Got some cushion for the pushin? Chunky and funky? This workshop is for you! Creating a safe, welcoming and judgment-free dance space for individuals occupying a larger body. Feeling sexy is for everyone! Dance experience optional, positive vibes required. Learn body rolls, hip circles, hair whips etc, but above all, spend some time feeling confident in your body while dancing. Learn the fun choreography of the Mean Girls Christmas dance! Leave this class feeling empowered and then join us for a little afterparty to mingle with this chubby community. Yes, we are being exclusive - this class is only for fat folks; of any gender, race, orientation or age.

Holiday Hip Hop with Kassia

Come bring in the season with Kassia and a Holiday Hip Hop class. Expect festive music, high-energy vibes, and choreography you’ll be whipping out at your parties! Holiday ‘ugly sweaters’ are encouraged for filming!


Intermediate Hip Hop Workshop with Fran

In this workshop Fran will be teaching an extended piece of intermediate choreography. Often in drop-in classes, we can only focus our minds on remembering the choreography, this workshop will also give time to focus on how to execute the choreography so that you can work on refining your movement quality and performance.

When: Saturday September 17th 2022 4:30 - 6:30pm

Where: iDance Kitsilano 2083 Alma St

Intro Hip Hop Workshop with Justine

An introduction to hip hop dancing for people new to the genre or new to dance as a whole. Students will learn basic grooves, how to transfer weight and how to coordinate moves to music. After gaining a good grasp of basic moves, students will learn a short hip hop choreography at the end of class.

When: Thursday August 25th 2022 6:30pm - 8:00pm

Where: iDance Mount Pleasant 257 E 7th Ave

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