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How to book

2. check the drop-in schedule

+ book your first class

3. familiarize yourself with

studio policies + FAQ's

Dancing people

4. join us in the studio!

intro offers




The first time in either location is $10

We want you to be able to experience all

our locations at least once.

30 day



Dance at any studio

+ take as many classes as you want!

​Valid for 30 days

All class cards & memberships must be activated within 30 days of purchase

refer your friends, get rewarded!

Because dancing is better with friends!
Find your referral link in your Momence account under "Refer & Earn." Share it with your friends and get rewarded when they make a purchase!

level descriptions

open level

ALL levels are encouraged to take these classes. No matter your age, experience,

or skill level.  We encourage our seasoned dancers to continue to enjoy these traditional Open Level classes...the essence of iDance. The name of the game in these classes is to explore styles and just have fun.


No previous training at all is necessary.

It's enough to be able to separate left from right, the rest is up to our teachers, your energy, and interest. Dancers with a handful of classes, a few months

of experience, or maybe a little bit more will benefit from these classes.

We encourage beginners to start here.


Feeling confident and ready to push your skills a little more? We want you to show up at this level confident, technically knowledgeable, and fairly fluent in

the rhythmical language around the dance form. The material in circulation on this level will be challenging from all aspects: rhythmically, technically, and tempo-wise.

new dancer instructors

Discover the joy of dance with our exceptional instructors, who are masters in a variety of styles tailored for new dancers. Whether you're stepping onto the dance floor for the first time or looking to refine your foundational skills, our instructors are dedicated to creating a welcoming and supportive environment. Check them out!

• Carla Budd

• Lisa Parans

• Ashleigh Kearn

• Leo Thomas

• Kiara Palma

• Cheri Hessami

• Melody Campbell

• Alexa Ste Marie

• Gio Andreotti

If you have any questions about getting started at iDance, please reach out.
We are here to help!

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