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Saturday, February 17th

Glove & Gown Glamour Burlesque

Once, women epitomized glamour, adorning themselves with feathers, satin gloves, stockings, and heels, exuding elegance wherever they went. Burlesque was more than just a performance; it represented self-love and a captivating attitude. Join me for an indulgent afternoon celebrating opulence and femininity as we delve into the classic Gown and Glove act. This workshop offers a journey through burlesque history, followed by the learning of a tantalizing dance routine. Bring your favorite attire, and if possible, elbow-length satin gloves to enhance the experience. No prior dance experience is required—just an openness to embrace the slow, sensual movements that define this art form. Let's immerse ourselves in the mesmerizing world of showgirl magic together!

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Sunday, July 23, 2023

iDance Pulse
disability + dance

A contemporary and improvisation workshop for all.

iDance Vancouver is a dance studio dedicated to providing inclusive and diverse dance experiences for adults. Our belief in the power of community drives us to support authentic self-expression through the joy of movement and dance. We are thrilled to introduce our new initiative, iDance Pulse, designed to offer dance workshops for traditionally marginalized groups.

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Thursday, July 13, 2023

collab workshop
commercial jazz

Colleen & Kass are coming together to bring you a Commercial Jazz Collaboration class. These two have been friends for a long while; connecting over storytelling, laughter, and musical embodiment. 


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