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House Introduction - WEEK TWO



Main Focuses:

The first step in our across-the-floor pattern


  • Remember to initiate from the pelvis, not your knees!

  • Ensure knees are bent, as always

  • Your feet can either be flat on the floor or lift your heels/toes, as if your foot/feet is/are climbing across the floor. Keep in mind, there may be more friction when your feet are flat.

  • Start off slow, so you can feel the movement; pick up tempo when comfortable.

  • You can travel with this step, like any! Which directions can you go; can you travel in a circle?

  • This step is a key foundation for the move named:
    "Jack-in-the-box," among others.

The 2-Step, Pas De Bourrée & Pivots

  • Maintain the rock in your pelvis, torso and shoulders as best you can, Start off small; start slowly. Work your way up until you lose it, then begin again.

  • Once the groove sits comfortably, add it to the 2-step. From the 2-step, let your weight fall forward, flowing into the pas de bourrée.

  • As you step forward, let your pelvis lead. The momentum will move up to your chest; allow it to move back to your pelvis as you cycle through the movement. Rinse and repeat!

  • Pivots - on your heels or toes - will aid in direction change and are a way to add variation within the 2-step, pas de bourrée, crabwalk and so on. 


Main Focuses:

Gallop Step

  • Keep your weight centered and knees slightly bent.

  • While tapping your heel forward, rock your hips back.

  • As you rock back, counter balance with your upper body going forward.

  • Light taps as your heel makes contact with the floor.

  • Feel your weight transfer from one hip to the other as your transition between steps.

  • Let your arms be an extension of your movement and remember to keep your shoulders relaxed so you don't carry tension in your upper body.


  • Stay on the ball of your feet.

  • Imagine as if you're using a jump rope while alternating your weight between feet.

  • As you complete one side, remember to have your body in-line with the direction of your foot and knee.

  • Bend your supporting leg as you cross over your 3rd step and spring out of it to transition to the opposite side.

  • Have your upper body move in the form of a rainbow, allowing your weight to fall from one side to the other as your execute the 3 steps.

  • Keep yourself grounded with your knees slightly bent to maintain control and balance.

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