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Progressive OVERVIEW:

Week ONE

  • Precision - Heels & Toes

  • 9-Point Format

  • Shifting Weight

  • The Chase

  • Rocking

Week TWO

  • The Pulse: within your body & the music

  • The Chase (continued)

  • Slides

  • Heel-Toe/Gallop Variations: Levels 1 - 4

  • Farmer/Stop Variations: Levels 1 - 4


  • Pivot Variations: Levels 1 - 4

  • Partnering Exercises

  • Accenting & Progressions: The Chase, Loose Legs, etc..

  • 2/5 Drill: Claps, Direction Changes, Level Changes, Travel


  • 2/5, 3/7, 2/3/5/7 drills  - travel, direction, mix and match, rhythm

  • Musicality Drill - feet together & apart

  • Progressive Combo (Kyle's)

  • Spotting (turning)

Week FIVE:

  • Combinations: weaving together elements to form a point of execution. What is the experience when layers are continuously added; what if they're stripped away or rearranged?

  • Stamina: how well do you really understand the material you've absorbed? Adding the burden of fatigue is a key and necessary exercise. Equally as important as moving while relaxed. Both offer the potential to bring you to the same end point, albeit different journeys.


  • Foundation is freedom

    To parse this out: foundation can be freedom, if we allow it.

    Think of... a tower being constructed: support beams are placed and a frame is built; however, the frame is not all the tower is or will be. The architecture may be captivating; the rooms and halls, ornate, vibrant and baroque. Instead.. perhaps they're uncomplicated, minimal or austere. The value and beauty is with the beholder, nevertheless. The frame offers stability for choices to be made. This is key to remember within your dance.  

    When you are dancing - not drilling, practicing sequences or techniques - but DANCING.. conversing.., either with yourself or another, speak freely; move freely. Deconstruct and rebuild; drift away from what you know so you can build a bridge back to familiarity. Foundation, once engrained, will always be there. That is the easy part. The challenge is turning the ordinary and mundane into the extraordinary. In this context, extraordinary is allowing own "designs," your own "patterns of speech," your own "flavour" or "voice" to fill the space that foundation and technique holds open.

    Just like any frame, any foundation, any type of knowledge.. any of anything, it must be maintained. No matter how much you grow, the foundations, your "basics," will be something you will always need to work on. They will be the last thing to master.

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