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House Intermediate - WEEK ONE



Main Focuses:

Precision - Heels and Toes

  •  From the Jack-In-The-Box, to The Stomp or Farmer, how efficiently and precisely can you move between them? Are you able to be stable while pivoting? Can you experiment with a range of speeds? Muscle engagement is key; ensure we are turning out from our pelvis and not pulling solely from our knees!

9-Point Format

  • The 9-point format will be your guide with whatever move you are executing, as well as directional changes for that move. Your feet together is point number 1; straight ahead is 2, moving clockwise (also counterclockwise) in the shape of a diamond and then transitioning to the shape of the square. This format can be used in any form of dance practice.


Main Focuses:

Where Is Your Weight Sitting?

  • How does your weight shift from one side to the other while you move through The Chase? This awareness is especially important when changing direction without losing sight of where you are focusing. If we're not sure where our weight rests, it contributes to movement feeling unnecessarily uncomfortable, awkward and off-time. Is the weight in the ball of your foot; your heel; is it rolling from the ball to the heel? How does your body respond? 


"The Chase" In-Depth

  •  As mentioned, be extra attentive to how your weight shifts when changing direction, rhythm, texture, level and so on. Ensure to sit and really stress the articulation through your feet; your knee should lift accordingly.(see video).


The Rock - Figure Eight Detail

  • The rocking of your pelvis is essential (think back to our side-to-side rock). As you sit more comfortably within the movement, move the side-to-side rock into a circular motion, creating a figure eight. How does your body respond to this change; what does it feel like?

"Chase" Your End Point!

  • Traveling is the next step: take the chase and move in any direction you choose. Think of where you are focusing -- where's the end point you've "plotted?" Imagine you're feeling hungry; looking at your fridge, you get up and go towards it to grab a bite to eat, i.e. you are focused on the fridge and have clearly drawn a path to it. If you were a 3rd person watching yourself, the body language would clearly show, or give an idea to, your point of interest. Can you apply that same intention to the chase, or any step you know for that matter? Find out!

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